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“I am sweetness, I am bratty

I’m a princess, I’m a fatty

I’m a mess of contradictions in a dress”

Do you ever see those fabulously spiffy blogs, complete with a logical series of posts, following a common theme, complete with beautifully edited photos?

This is not one of those blogs….

It would like to be.  It would like to be a lot of things.  I love reading interesting blogs about all sorts of things – beauty blogs, craft blogs, cookery blogs, music blogs – you name them, I follow them.  I tried to figure out which category my blog should fall into.

And then it hit me – it shouldn’t.  My blog is not about any one theme.  My blog is about me! It’s about my random, crazy little life and it will never fit into one box.  The title of this blog is a quote from Shrek the Musical, where Princess Fiona says she is a mess of contradictions in a dress.  I can sympathise with that feeling.  The feeling of being 100 different women rolled into one 5′ 4″ package.

So, if you decide to click follow ( and I very much hope you will) you will never know what the next post might be about.  There’s a good chance I won’t know either!  And won’t that be exciting!?

So hop down the rabbit hole with me and get ready for anything.


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